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What are your shipping times?

We are proud to offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders. 

Orders can be shipped and fulfilled from multipleVeusonic distribution centers around the world.   


Quality & Performance Inspection: 1-2 business days.

Standard US Shipping: 2-7 business days.

Standard International Shipping: 15 business days.

All orders will be dispatched & processed from our warehouse within 1-3 business days after they have passed the Quality & Performance Inspection. 

The Quality & Performance Inspection consists of a variety of tests conducted on the product to insure its proper functionality before leaving the Veusonic facility. 

However, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, expect some delivery circumstances such as delays and holdings in your local post office for strict protocols that the specific country implemented.

Our customer experience is a #1 priority, so by undergoing this inspection phase it'll increase our customer satisfaction knowing their product is arriving in top condition.

How to operate and use the Veusonic?

Does this actually work?

Will it hurt me?

Can I use it on the plane?

How do I check the status for my order?

What happens if I gave the wrong address?

I received a faulty product, what's your policy?

Money back instructions